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The entire A2Z Smart Music Group Site Network is undergoing a much needed major update and upgrade of information.

Thank you for your patience. We should be back in operation in 24-48 hours with some amazing changes to the network and some incredible opportunities for singers. We need to shut the sites off for just a bit to make sure everything is working on the back end, but just in case you are curious we can share that...

A2Z has done it again!

In 1999 We were the first to develop online downloads for singing programs and even brought coaches around the world on board to help you get the training you needed...but that is old news. Everyone does downloads now. So a few years ago we considered our job of worldwide distribution of educational content complete. Students around the world had easy access to training from qualified sources...but we still weren't entirely pleased with the all results of that training. Despite the creation of interactive softwares and unique training programs, we wanted something even easier, even more interactive...but JUST as affordable. So of course we went back to the drawing board. We can't wait to show you the crazy, yet very effective, ideas we came up with this time:

It's revolutionary, it's effective and it's even FUN!

We still will be offering valuable organized information through our Online Campus, although the content and functions have expanded greatly. Thank you to all of our current students and peer teachers that assisted by offering valuable insight on some changes that would be helpful. In addition to that, SingerCity and A2Z Smart Music Academy will, within hours, be offering real-time, interactive training.

A2Z Smart Music Academy and SingerCity Island

Have a question for our resident expert, Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi? With this launch, you can simply log in and ask her yourself! In person...in REAL TIME! Want to hold a concert in Australia? We've got you covered. Want your family back home to be hear you sing a concert? We've got you covered. In addition to that we also have resident experts on our Virtual Campus that will help you learn how to record your own demo, how to stream your concerts online like a radio, what equipment you need to perform and so much more.

If you want to be ready as soon as the doors open...visit SecondLife.com and sign up for a Free Account. The easiest way to receive updates is by liking our Facebook page.

If you prefer to continue training with the Online Web Campus only, you will still get access to the same valuable information as the Virtual Campus, as well as access to Coach Yvonne and other A2Z Mentors. And teachers, we heard you. Both the A2Z Online Campus and the A2Z Virtual Campus are prepared to connect you with your students. Everything from lesson and exercise reporting, to training online when you can't meet in person.

Thank you again for your patience and all the support we have received over the years. It is still our mission to promote music education around the world and help singers like yourself find your true signature voice...only in a few short days we will be able to do it even better!

If you are already enrolled at A2Z Smart Music Academy you should be able to log in like you always do in the upper right hand corner of the site, or click Enter A2Z Academy in the left-hand column. If you can't log in, go to the Corporate Help Desk at http://a2zsmartgroup.com/support. If you CAN log in but still need some help, go to the A2Z Smart Music Academy Help Desk. You can find the link for that within your Registration Profile. Why the change? We wanted to make sure that our students get special priority, that's why!

See you on campus!

Oh...and one more thing. In case you are wondering about the lost time of your registration due to this upgrade, we promise to more than make up for it with time added to your current registration.